Friday, July 12, 2013

These Two Dudes Are Nostalgic To The Old Days

Rent a villa, get two guys who can sing and film them performing their song. This duet comes from two new comers Khaled El Tayeb and Eyad. The couple can sing, and the music gives them a hand, it sounds like an Egyptian classic.

The looks are not their strong suit, but that did not stop them for chasing their dreams. This is a low budget production, but the song will please some folks out there who are hungry for old melodies and wise lyrics. Khalid is the singer with more songs and a career of his own (his album released last year with the title The Sultan Of My Time), Eyad is making his debut and he has actually composed the music.

El Ayam El Helwa - Khaled El Tayeb & Eyad الايام الحلوه - خالد الطيب واياد


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