Thursday, July 18, 2013

البوم لطيفة - عزتى Download: Latifa @2013 Gulf Album Is Here

This is supposed to be her biggest album in about five years, and the press is talking it up so much. Tunisian diva Latifa new album is marketed big times in the Gulf, the primary dialect used in those 16 songs. The good news, there are 16 tracks, so something will surely please one's taste. The better news, Latifa is back and wants to be in the game after years of inactivity.

The thing about Latifa is how well known she is. When she started her career--she was big in the Tunisian song at home, she landed in Egypt in the late eighties and early nineties where she broke the bank in Egyptian songs. In the mid 2000, she found herself in Lebanon doing an exclusive album with the Rahbanis--she shined from miles away. Now she is hoping to do just that with the Gulf and she has treats for them with those dancy songs loved by the masses.

As for the team behind this album, Latifa worked with the A team of music composers, and lyricists well known in the Gulf for their excellence. It's an honor for many of them to collaborate with the iconic diva from Tunisia whose heart beats Arab. The twist, is a new Libyan song for Latifa included in this album, there are not many of those around. The smart thing for Latifa is producing her own album with her own label--this was she had more control and she can perform those songs in public all she wants.  

I hope this album stands out and hope Latifa brings back her glory days, since 2011, I feel she has gone down in popularity and market share. She is a true talent whose heart is in the right place.

Download the songs 
01 - 3ezaty
02 - Astfezak
03 - Yeslm 3leek El 2lb
04 - Ya Bela
05 - Y7z Fe Nafsy
06 - Raga2
07 - El Shouq
08 - 7abeb El Ro7
09 - Azkorak
10 - Sadakny
11 - Ya Ahl El Hawa
12 - Yk7lha 3maha
13 - Asmar
14 - Getak
15 - Al Dafa
16 - Nark 7attab

Latifa - 3ezziti Album | لطيفة - البوم عزتي

Download the songs 

 مقاطع حصرية من كامل أغنيات الألبوم.
أسمرخالد بوالعينينحسن حامدعلي أباظة
عزّتيصالح العنسيحسن حامدعلي أباظة
أستفزكخالد بوالعينينحسن حامدعلي أباظة
يكحلها عماهاسعود شربتليعبد الله القعودطارق عاكف
يسلم عليك القلبأحمد الصانعحمد القطانعلي أباظة
يبيلهمنصور الشاديناصر الصالحعمرو عبد العزيز
حبيب الروحعيد المريخيوليد الشامي 
يحز في نفسيحمود الشمريحسن حامدعلي أباظة
جيتكسليمان الترهونيمحمد حسن 
 نارك حطبمنصور الشاديناصر الصالحعمرو عبد العزيز
يا أهل الهوىبدر بن عبد المحسنمحمد شفيق 
صدقنيمبارك الحديبيحمد الخضرأحمد أسدي
الدفاسعيد البرعميخالد بن حمدأمير عبد المجيد
رجاءًعبد الله بودلةمحمد شفيق 
الشوقأسير الشوقحسن حامدعلي أباظة
أذكرك وتشوفأسير الرياضحمد الخضرعادل فرحان


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