Monday, July 15, 2013

Pop Stars I Miss, Haitham Shaker

He may have served stint in military prison  and he may have took part of a pro Mubarak rally, but in my book the artist he is, Haitham Shaker should stand tall. He is one of the dozens of stars to break out in the mid 2000 who benfited from the expansion in production, but while others have faded Haitham has not. Anyone who has not released music like he has, would be buried now, but Haitham has the staying stardom power.

In acting there are talent who can laugh and cry and the same time, this is like listening to the voice of Haitham Shaker. We are no embarrassed to be listening to his songs, he is sad but also still alive. He is not the suicidal voice. He is never depressing. I am trying to say, his voice that the right shade of sad and heartbroken.

He does get me willingly in the Tarab zone. It's like he tells the stories of a wise man who is still in his twenties  He does not make as much music as I would like him to. But he has one album in the can ready to go, waiting for things to cool off in Egypt. He seems to pick the right lyrics and the good melodies come naturally to his bluesy voice.

He is not a one act talent, he does have happy and dance friendly songs.

 Haitham Shaker - Bafakar Feik / هيثم شاكر - بفكر فيك


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