Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Million Record Man Ali Hamida - Loulaky / علي حميدة - لولاكي

A Libyan Egyptian (his is from the border town) went to Egypt and made a song in an album in the late eighties, and all of sudden he shot to fame. His song was "Loulaky" and it had the Middle East dancing to its beat. Kids loved it, and so have the grown ups. Each car had this song in it on a cassette tape. His pay for that song was 10 thousand Egyptian pounds (about 2 thousand US dollars). The tape will go on to sell 13 million copies.

In one interview, Ali credits fate for the production of the album. He approached one company (Sawt Al Delta) and when he was there for a meeting, he asked for tea. The person that makes tea was unkind to him, so he walked out. And with a help of the composer of one of his songs, he goes to meet with another company (Al Shariq Company), then the album gets recorded and you know the rest.

Then Ali disappeared and some say he had trouble with the law. Not much is known about his whereabouts  but his songs broke records and continue to do so only now on YouTube. The music video had a goofy dance, it was everywhere and Ali Hamida was the star for years to come. But has he tried to do more songs, yes, but nothing beats the curse of the his breakout song.

Ali did not have the common look for the pop stars of his era, he had the cool hair. For many he is the first true pop star who was hip and awesome. He does have a sweet voice, and it beats those who claim the top of the charts. The beat however is a piece of the Libya folklore.

I love a one hit wonder like the next guy, but Ali had his reasons not to be make a comeback. For 15 years he did not sing in concerts, but in 2011 he made at least one performance in an Egyptian concert. According to one source, the network cuffed up the money in back taxes he owed to the government and he agreed to perform one more time.

Ali Hamida - Loulaky / علي حميدة - لولاكي


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