Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Hottest Bahraini Alive--Meet Alee Alamm, The Model

Alee Alamm is a treasure--god's gift to the ladies of that little kingdom, the region and the rest of the world. His droves of female fans at home are asking him to marry a local girl from Bahrain--and not from Qatar of the UAE. Not much is known about his background. He comes form Bahrain and he is the kingdom's first model and TV presenter/anchor

Here's a sneak peak of what goes on behind the scenes during a professional photo shoot. From hair styling, to make up and selecting attire, we are here to show you what a professional model and his team must do before I appear in front of the camera to deliver the final result, outstanding photos for the world to see.

Fashion - Alee alamm - Bahrain Top Model

Pictures are from the model's Facebook Page


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  2. He is the best and top model of Bahrain and Arabian Gulf, also he has a nice personality.
    Good luck Alee

    From Yousif Ahmed

  3. its really nice show in the world keep going alee .....