Saturday, September 13, 2014

Download: Arwa 2014 Album"Ya Moumayyaz" البوم اروى - يا مميز

The Yemeni pop diva who has conquered the hearts of the Gulf a decade a go retruns with a new release. Her album "Ya Moumayyaz" comes with Rotana--this is her first with them. The Saudi company knows the local Gulf makret well, and I am certain they are pleased with this collaboration. Arwa can benefit from their gigantic marketing arm.

Arwa remains one of my favorite female voices in that part of the world. She did very well in Egypt and Lebanon with special release songs years ago. Now she sets sight on the Gulf and that's where the money is. She comes from there. The title of the album--outstanding, unique, special. Just like Arwa's look and sense of fashion. She is more than a singer, she is also a host of a popular talk show.

I enjoy her voice and her warmth. I like her in other songs, but this allows us to hear her voice, so be it. There will be dance, romance, drama and funk. The lyrics are the world of the best Saudi poets and and Gulf based spoke word artists.

Find it here Link

01 - Ya Moumayyaz
02 - Safhati Fe El Hob Beda
03 - Ya Folan
04 - Naker El Maarouf
05 - Besalamithom
06 - Azibtina Ya Khafef El Rouh
07 - Bahibak Bezyadah
08 - Louab
09 - Ely Hako Anak Awarek Fehom
10 - Hawino Aliya

Arwa ... Ya Moumayyaz | أروى ... يا مميز


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