Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nawal Al Zoghbi: "I AM Single And Ready To Mingle"

Nawal Al Zoghbi has been performing non-stop in Lebanese concerts....she gave an interview to Elaph who keep calling her "the golden artist" She has been trying to release new tracks, but the timing was not right. The general climate in Lebanon is not too good and not much better around. I like what she has to say about releasing an album at this time is like dumping it in the sea, it does no good.

So the trend is to release single. She wants peace and justice and she talked about Gaza and Cairo. So single is the way to go. Speaking of singles, she is one right now and she is living her own life, not talking about any romance at this time. She also talked about being offered gigs to be a judge on many of these singing reality shows.

Nawal Al Zoghbi is a good soul, it's true she has not released any new songs for more than two years now. The allure of her stardom is still pretty much in full swing, she does face a lot of competition from all over. No doubt like all of us she is growing older, but her energy is also matching her youth. She said, I'm single, free and grownup! Kudos to her--this is what feminist is all about. Take a listen and hope to see her back in the game.


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