Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The New Song From Yara Will Brighten Your Day اغنية يارا - عايش بعيونى 2014

You will always tell her voice apart because it sounds like if she is smiling, even in her most emotional tracks she manages to perform them while giving you the idea she is smiling. This is a good thing. Yara returns with a new single that reminds me of her ealry start in 2005 which she dazzled everyone and just the Gulf like she has been doing for the bast five years.

I am enjoying this comeback and Yara sounds like we have always liked her to be--herself comfortable in her own skin and style. I do not think much of the image with the single, it shows a different shade of this super talent. She says Habibi like you have fantasied about your loved one saying it.

What do you think? The song is about the eyes that can only see the one you love--we see them so perfect always.

اغنية يارا - عايش بعيونى 2014 | النسخة الاصلية


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