Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Download: Mostafa Kamel 2014 Album "West eldonia elkhaina" البوم مصطفى كامل - وسط الدنيا الخاينة

Mostafa Kamel is considered a wise guy among his fans. His fans are either in high school, finished high school and freshmen at college or drive taxi cab. So it makes sense for them to consider him a sage who comments on life so very well. In Mostafa Kamel's world everyone is a cheater, everyone does not love you back, and you are always wrong to be nice to folks.

Now he just released an album--his first in more than four years, and the title fits him very well. The fans are crazy about this release date. Hell, I do not love him, and sometimes I enjoy his music. When he is not singing he used to write music, but most recently he has been getting in legal trouble as he feuds with former music bosses and artists guild.

The album comes in 9 tracks with a duet with an artist we loved so much in the 80s--Aly Hamida the guy with the curly hair. Some serious collaborations happened for this album. Mostafa Kamel wrote some lyrics and some music here, but he also get others to work for him. Namely the title song (below) it's all him.


01. Sa'ltak
02. Khodny F Hodnak
03. Ya Sater
04. Ethamlt Kteer
05. El Ahly W El Zamalek
06. Fe Lelt Shta
07. West El Donia El Khaina
08. Khaleha Ala Allah
09. Adeny Saber

 للاستماع الى الالبوم كامل مصطفى كامل - وسط الدنيا الخاينة / Mustafa Kamel - West eldonia elkhaina



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