Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gaza Operetta اوبريت غزة 2014 This is A Big Deal (Video)

Six of the biggest names in Palestinian pop joined forces for this epic song dedicated for their brethren in Gaza. While all of them are Palestinians only one has lived and calls Gaza home. But this has not stopped these talented and bright stars from performing this song for Gaza at this dark hour.

They joined forces to stress how important to them Gaza is. This is a huge song, and a big production. It's not easy to bring these artists together, they stood united to offer Gaza what they do best. Assaf leads the song, but the other artists hold their respected grounds and

Each of these artists brought his revolutionary spirit. Unlike other songs, this one seems to take pride in Gaza's resistance. They put the murderous Israeli army and politicians to shame.  Each word you hear comes from the heart and lands there. No need for for explanation, or games.

Mohamed Assaf here is like you have never have heard him before. This i like a guy who has finally found his voice and musical ID.

Lian Bazlamit is always a pleasant vocal guest, I like her warmth and the power of convictions that lat beyond words. Tony Kattan sounds all recovered from his health scare...Sabrin Kamal--a new comer in my book dazzled me all the way to Gaza, Haitham Shomali stands tall delivering his lines and verses. He sings about the little ones, he is meant to make you cry and break your heart. Wow Haitham, you held nothing back. Ammar Hassan pulls no punches, Gaza is hell to the occupiers.....this is why the army could only kill civilians and not figure out how to hit those who have turned their night into hell. Ammar Hassan actually envisioned this song.

These proud artists are so sick of it all and their lines really pumps me up, and gets me to pray harder for Gaza. This is a big deal because before Gaza was alone before, this time, Israel was killing a lot of people and they were the cowards. This is why this song is important it was so good, that none of the artists approached could say no.

The poet Mohammad Ayad gets a cameo and he reads his lines with so much passion.
Gaza Operetta اوبريت غزة 2014

Gaza Operetta / اوبريت غزة 2014


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