Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nicole Saba Returns With Fire In Her 2014 Single "Ma Ba2a Tede2elli"

Nicole is back everyone....I mean she is back to the music world. It seemed for a while that her acting career took off and music took a back seat but with the release of her new Lebanese single, she is back with some serious heat. For the first time Nicole is trying something else in music as she is doing a bit of Tarab feel to her new song.

But this is not all lost, she is still doing all the sexy moves she has, and some of it feels too much. The outfits are a bit insane and the makeup is freighting, but this is art. The song is about a girl asking the guy to call her-he lies to her, but she knows it yet she is unable to turn the page on this dead beat love. She is waiting by the phone like she is in torture. Speaking of which what' with the chains?

Nicole likes to try new and different things. We can use more talents like her who are unafraid to go their own path. The music is good, but the song does not keep me close, Roy Chucri directed Nicole here and at least we see she walked away from the phone as if she gave up on this chapter.

A lot has changed in Nicole's world, she is a big name in Egypt and beyond. We came to know her for the music, but we stayed for her acting. Not in love with this song, but it's a change from what we see every day. Like the hobo look that we do not see often.

نيكول سابا - ما بقي تدقلي | Nicole Saba - Ma Ba2a Tede2elli


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