Saturday, September 6, 2014

This Little Known Song By Crooner and Alleged Terrorist Fadel Shaker

Fadel Shaker is walking back some of his rumored political stands. I sincerely think he does not want to end up being dead and with a bad name as a terrorist. No one pushed him to make these statements, no one told him to pose with pictures with weapons and automatic weapons. He should be held to his actions, and not the rumors and confusion about his alleged crimes.

Fadel is now saying he did have disagreement with that religious figure who has brought him to the dark side. I hope the people of Lebanon are ready to allow him to explain himself. Not forgive him or forget what he may have done--but allow justice to be served.

Now, how could a guy who sang this song below be a thug and a murder?  

اجمل ما غنى فضل شاكر (طرب) - ياما انتا واحشني ...


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