Thursday, November 1, 2012

Which Arab Celebrities Are Faking It?

I keep a list of entertainers in the Arab world whom I think are fake. That means those individuals are not what they seem to be. It's a shoe for your money. I have few names on the list, but I won't share it. I just wanted to ask you guys, what Arab stars guys or girls do you guys think are fake?

It's one thing to be tasteless and successful, it's another to try to sell your act in public and then in private do the exact opposite.

In music, movies, TV dramas, and show hosting who doesn't agree with you? This is not about someone you guys think to be bad persons, but rather about a star who seems to be faking it. Sure, you can tell me what stars you cannot stand seeing, but no need to get personal. Just the name.

This will be an experiment, so I hope it works.


  1. I have one in mind. She's a little TOO good at Twitter...

  2. C'mon, you are just jealous because she knows her slang. Good one though