Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stupid Arabs In Dubai Bike Stunts As Gaza Bleeds

Dubai has opened its doors once again for another fad, bike dares and stunts form all over the world have gathered in this city to show off what they can do with their bikes, flying and such. Usually this is a fun event, but I question the timing. Are those being murdered in Palestine are not Arabs? Do not they pray the same way?

Money is not the only way to show you care about people of your own skin. To their credit the UAE red Crescent has done a lot for Gaza as they are active on the scene. It might be cool to bring dare bikers form all over the world to do their stunts near the world's tallest building, but this is not what standing tall looks like.

مغامرون على الدراجات يحلّقون في سماء دبي


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