Friday, November 30, 2012

Palestinians Are Gay For Palestine UN 194

I have mixed feeling about the UN bid and the new status Palestine has gained from the UN, I know most people are giddy in Palestine. The media is making this sound like a victory, they did the same thing and sang the same songs for Oslo and for pretty much all those agreements that now they describe as dead. In one hand, I think this is good, in the other I think we may not get to enjoy this. In all events this is a big blow to the right wing Israel government who has only 9 friends in the world.

In this video, you will see a bunch of dudes who are supposed to be journalists, video editors  camera mean and reports. They broke in dance when the UN passed the resolution making Palestine member number 194. For the untrained eye, this looks like a gay fest, a bunch of dudes dancing, clapping and standing in proximate to one another.

It's one thing to be happy and another to pretend to be happy so that your bosses in the PA can keep your salary going. One more thing, I have not seen one single women on those celebratory videos. I do not mean that women should be dancing  but should it they be working alongside those dancing dudes?

The songs they are dancing to are lame too, but at some point the party moved to the streets and the guys were dancing together. To be fair, those dancing guys are not alone, I have seen similar groups of men excited at sporting events.

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