Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Kuwaiti Writer Wants To Ban Iraqi Music

People of Kuwait are educated, cultured and appreciate the arts. They are pioneers among many Arabs in their high sense of culture and deep sense of anything entertaining. Unfortunately, some voices in the mainstream Kuwaiti culture enjoys living in the past, likes looking backward and takes pleasure in spreading the hate of Iraq.

It was not the people of Iraq who decided to go to war with Kuwait, but rather a mad man who is gone and a regime who no longer exists. Mubarak Almo'asharjy (مبارك مزيد المعوشرجي)--whose last name means a butt hole in Arabic is taking issues with Iraqi dramas being on TV and Iraqi music playing in that country.

Instead of choosing to forgive and look forward, he wants people to boycott their brethren to the North. I am not sure if the author feels the same way about American movies and music. But Mubarak wants Kuwait to boycott all things cultural form Iraq. Mubarak is hardly the only one to pull such a stunt, many pick on Iraqi's better known artists Kathm Al Saher

  1. Kuwaiti singer Nabel Shoeel puled out of a song about Arab unity and aspirations because he learned Kathem Al Saher--an Iraqi will take part of the same song.
  2. The same singer in 2010 took a swap at Kathem and asked him to donate his very expensive watch to benefit the Iraqi children. Kathem does a lot of work and raises a lot of money for different Arab causes
  3. Promotional posters for a Kathem album in the streets of Kuwait has generated a number of lawsuits--even though the company that produces and promotes Kathem's albums is a Saudi one.
Kathem was classy about it and never answered with hate, he has always wished such voices well and had nothing but praises for his peers and people of Kuwait. This is why he might be more successful and more likable than his critics.

To be fair, most people in Kuwait have moved on their lives and have turned the page. Iraq has apologized and to the best of their efforts they have tried to make it right.  But Iraq is not the only one that gets hate letters form some tiny faction in Kuwait  during the bombing of Gaza at least two columnists wrote articles in which they celebrate it Israel and blamed Palestinians for the violence. 


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