Friday, November 16, 2012

Listen: Amr Diab 2012 Fresh Singles اغنيتين عمرو دياب - عايش معاك ورضيت

Amr Diab has an awful press that past three weeks, but at least he has not made it worse yet. So in the hopes he would be able to change the conversation, he is bribing people with two singles that has never been released before. At least one of them is worthy of the Egyptian king of pop.

Amr releases teasers for the songs in time for Eid Al-Adha, we remain uncertain about the singers whereabouts but he is not in Egypt. He is either in Dubai or in London. The full songs are online as well, but due to copy rights the audio is not playing in the States.

I prefer "Ayich Ma'aya" it's a much better song and has all the elements which makes most Amr Diab song a sure thing. Look, Amr Diab will always the king of pop. But he might use his relevant statues or his apatite for making new songs--his old materiel will always be better to some people. He is 50 years old now and has manged to make a enough money to retire him and give his family a decent life too

 سيمبلات عمرو دياب - عايش معاك - ورديت 2012

اغنية عمرو دياب - ورضيت Amr Diab -We Radiet l 2013

Also some tracks and portions of Amr Diab songs that were never released. Someone has done a good job stitching them together. Some of those tracks were cut in the editing/mixing room.

Amr Diab | كوبليهات منزلتش فـ اغانى عمرو دياب |by Ali Diabian 2012


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