Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jordan Awards Is A Big Farce Says Tony Khalifa

Someone in Jordan thought it would be a great idea to hold an award ceremony for Arab entertainers from all walks to life. They did a good job at first  but then it seems that have been doing nothing right. At first they denied the local press from entering the big gala. They allowed anyone from any Arab countries, the local press were told to go home. There's video of the bickering and we have posted it on the blog.

Now comes celebrity and TV personality Tony Khalifa, he spilled the beans on the organizers  At first they called me last year and told me, I am getting an award. I told them I accept. Then they never called me back to give me more details and all of sudden I read the award ceremony took place and I was not notified.

Then they called me again this year and he accepts their award, but asks them to call him back to give him the travel plans. He thought they might have made a mistake last year. Surprise, they never call the TV host again, and instead the give the award to some other nobody. Tony and a number of media outlets are now wondering if they organizers take their event seriously and their awards seriously.
"اليسا افضل مطربة عربية فى حفل "جوردن اوورد 2010


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