Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mostafa Mahfooz, Making Pop Singles Straight From The Gut

Guys confessing their imperfection is not a common act, it's rare in music. When a manly man does it, I feel like he is being both courageous and sweet. So when one of the most underrated pop singers and composers releases a song that does just that, I cannot help but listen and replay the song once again and again. Mostafa  Mahfouz did it before in other songs.

He also sang for those who have been murdered in the course of the Egyptian revolution. He also confessed that he was one of the protesters standing next to them when they fell. Another of his songs is a cover of Ayda Aouby's most famous song for Egypt--Ala Baly.

Mostafa is hardly the only young composer who have turned his career into singing, but he is really one of the good ones. He is also doing the smart things, releasing singles, not entire album projects. That way he can pick winners and focus on his career as a composer. Here is a list of all the singles he has released, you should find videos for most of those songs below.

3esht Mea2o
Ala Bali
Hat3esh We Temot
Kheles Doro Fe Haiaty
Mabto2afsh El Donia
Men Youm Ma We3eet
Oul Besraha
Wahed Menohom
Maghletsh Fe Haga
Mostafa Mahfouz Ft.Omnia Soliman.El Hob Begy Fe Sanya
Omnia Soliman.Ft.Mostafa Mahfouz.Masr El Shahed

 Mostafa Mahfouz - Maghletsh Fi Haga | مصطفى محفوظ - مغلطِش فى حاجة 

اصاله & مصطفي محفوظ & احمد سعد - مبتقفش الدنيا 

Mostafa Mahfooz - Ala Baly | مصطفي محفوظ - علي بالي

Egy Assuit مصطفى محفوظ مهما تغيب 2012

مصطفي محفوظ - خلص دوره في حياتي -


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