Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nisma Mahgoub The Egyptain Amy Winehouse

She is not exactly Amy Winehouse in personality and sad turn of events, but she is her in terms of musical versatility. The Egyptian winner of Star Academy has super strong voice, and she speaks more than one language. Her 2012 album, had a very impressive cover of an English song (Life Won't End). Nisma's father manged her career like Amy's own father. By hearing Nisma's English songs, you could not help but conclude she must be of African decent.

Nisma's fans are very engaged with the songstress, she talks about and she delivers her news to them when made available. While she has done a number of pop songs, it seems to me Nisma is trying to be more than pop, she wants it all. Classy Arabic songs that bring on concerts and handsome rewards is her thing. A number of her songs felt like those golden oldies, and that's great.

Nisma has released a competition through her facebook for her fans--whoever makes a cool music video with her songs, she will give them a prize of a 1000 dollar and a private event with the young diva

قلبى وحره فيه : الاغنيه التى فرعنت الستات على الرجاله


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