Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fadel Shaker Singing Is Haram /Sandy Sues Nawal

Latest round of news from the Arab world,

  1. Now retired former singer Fadel Shaker has made the following statement, "singing is Haram because it promotes promiscuity. I have asked a number of scholars and they have told me this as much." I am now dedicated to worship, prayer and supporting the right causes." According to Al-Arabiya, the Saudi news network
  2. Mostafa Amar has seen better days and he wants those days to be back. He is releasing a new album which he has just finished with 12 tracks where he composes music and rearranged songs for himself. But there are other household names that worked with him on his new album. Tamer Ali, Ayman Bahgat Amar, Ameer Ta'eema and Khalid Tohamy have been attached to the album. As of right now, the Egyptian nineties pop star is filming a music video for the album in Paris. The new music video will release with the album later this year. 
  3. Tunisian pop sensation Baha AlKafy--famous form appearing on Star Academy's debut season has found the right guy and was married him. He is not a singer nor in the business. Her friend Syrian Merriam Attalah was in attendance and shared the news. Bahaa has appeared in a movie and has one single album to her name. Do not mess with Sandy, as her press office has confirmed  the Egyptian artists' guild has asked its peer in Lebanon to open an inquiry.    
  4. Egyptian pop star Sandy is giving Nawal Al Zoghby a headache. After reports of Nawal asking the organizers of a charity even in Dubai not to let Sandy sing at the function broke. Sandy reported the incident to the artists guild in Egypt.  
"We do not like any of the Egyptian artists to be humiliated or disrespected anywhere, if the Lebanese office does not look into this matter, we will treat the Lebanese entertainers, the same way you treat us."  

أحمد شريف و بهاء الكافي ـ على حسب وداد قلبي


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