Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moustafa Amar New Fun Arabic Kids Song

Say what you say about Moustafa Amar, but this Egyptian nineties pop star is no quitter. He keeps digging for new material and reaching out to new fans. This time, his new song is meant for kids as they celebrate their birthdays with big fat parties. Kids are very influenced by cultural icons that America creates for them, and this music video is another testament.

Amar is a father so he got that tingly feeling in his heart when he looks at the little ones. He is bringing Tony the Tiger, Shrek, Tom, Jerry, Micky and Barbie. Those guys are all invited to the little birthday party. And in case that's no enough Spider-man is also coming. The song is part of Amar's last movie--it did not do too well in theaters.

I like kids to have fun, but there ought to be a balance, you cannot be raising entitled spoiled brats. they have to do some work too. The music video is trying to sell one happy family, kids and toys. The lyrics are meant for the little ones. Hollywood might not be too happy about their creations being part of a kid video in Egypt--I am sure they would like to get paid.

Sanaa Gayaa - Moustafa Amar سنه جايه - مصطفى قمر


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