Monday, November 19, 2012

Nawal Al Zoghby Still Lies About Sandy And Dubai

Sandy is not using Nawal Al Zoghby's name to get famous, she does not need the kind of fame Nawal Al Zogby used to have tend years ago. Nawal is not talking much about the accusations of her asking the organizations of a charity event not to allow Sandy to sing. But the Lebanese press is doing a hit job on Sandy.

Sandy is already a huge draw in Arabic pop among the tween, and teens and young adults. Nawal had a good career 10 years ago, and she is working on a comeback this minute. According to one opinionated Lebanese critic Jamal Fayyad, "the organizers have invited Sandy, but they may not have wanted her to sing, so they blamed it on Nawal." According to Fayyad who seems to know a lot about Nawal, "the only condition Nawal has asked of the organizers is for her to be the opening act."

Fayyad even has issues with the Egyptian singers guild who asked for an investigation. Fayyad has also said something I take issue you with. Contrary to what he believes  Lebanon is not the most important media market in the Arab world. These two people are supposed to have good hearts and try to raise money for the little ones, but yet they two are acting like children.

But Sandy is not given up yet, she had a press conference. She played an audio file, where the head of the charity event speaks about Nawal not wanting Sandy to sing. I feel silly talking about this while my family in Gaza is being murdered in cold blood by what supposed to be a democratic state.

But Nawal is way wrong on this one and she has no right to spread lies and allegations about Sandy. Sandy is no saint, but she might caught a pop star lying. She should answer some questions, tell the truth and move on

Nawal Al Zoghbi - 2012 Oriental Night 6 - نوال الزغبي


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