Friday, November 30, 2012

Sop Rap - One life In Between Palestine And The Occupation

Scream Of Peace Rap group of SOP Rap is their name and they are here to add something to the Palestinian rap scene by bringing their complex yet relate-able stories to a greater audience. The two rap group members come from a Palestinian city inside the state of the Israel. Few rappers can rap in more than one language SOP rappers can rap in three languages  Arabic, Hebrew and English

Sop is stressing the common wisdom  you only live once. The group started in 2005, but it was not until 2010 when a studio carrying their name opened in their town. Bring Palestinians living inside a state that do not approve of you can create one emotional and mental mess. Rap is like a therapy for such drowned voices,  it allows them to tell their plight  their struggles and by this process that can heal.

Like many Arab rapers before them, the common themes are of political and social nature. Their most recent song is about getting up after you have been knocked out. The performances of Fadi Mahmeed and Ahmad El Faris will resonate with the many young people who are feeling trapped. Their songs are found on their Mixtape Diaries 2005-2012. While SOP can rap in more than one language, they have chosen Arabic to be their go to language. for starter it's their native language and more people speaks it than say Hebrew.

Sop Rap - One life / صرخة السلام سوب - الحياة مرة وحدة


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