Sunday, November 25, 2012

Video: Carolina de Oliveira Schools Dipshit Oussama Rahbani

Celebrity Duets show on LBC had a great night where one of their judges got his ass handed back to him by one of the show participants. Oussama Rahbani is a jerk and he has no problem take the trash out. But this time he barked the wrong tree. He spoke about her weight, her height and her wide shoulders.

He did not have kind words to say to the Brazilian Lebanese songstress appearing on the show. Calling her names, and insults. She tried to be cool for a second, but she could not take it no more. I loved when she talked back and told Oussama Rahbani to bag his advise. He dug himself deeper and did nothing good to help him with women, Lebanese and expats.

The young women's name is Carolina de Oliveira and I am loving her standing up for her self and for those who never get a chance to talk back. She told him, "we are on the show to have fun, we are no students and we are celebrities." I love the portion where she told him, "If I am obese, you are as huge as the titanic."

Oussama watch and learn how to do it...the judge had other ways to drive home his message, He come across as a bully and idiot. Carolina had many shows on TV where she has hosted dozens of them and helped promote tourism to her homeland Lebanon.

مشادة كلامية بين اسامه الرحباني وكارولينا دي اوليفيرا


    She stood up as a woman, person and a human with feelings!
    Despite the artistic heritage his family name has, he proves himself to be a chauvinist and a jerk..criticism should be done in a way that builds and improves the subject and not mocks it!HATS OFF TO CAROLINA!xo