Saturday, November 17, 2012

Remember Those 4 Cats? So Long

When 4 cats were first introduced, I was a young boy, they were the hottest thing and they came in the Spice Girl Era. The team behind those ladies put looks before talent  and the ladies had to look fun and know how to dance. As for singing, this they can teach them. They made about a dozen music videos and every time  there was that sizzle.

I know their dance moves were everything network TV needed.Elisa Rahbani did well with those ladies--so far only two of them have had their own solid stand alone careers. I felt they were the first girl band or female performers to sexual-ize Lebanon and spread more false stereotypes about the country. The band have had little Eastern musical influence and instead they are more focused on the faster beat and crazy and sometimes cheeky dance moves.

I know sometimes, older people did not like watching those clips in front of their kids--loud music and female dancers scare some people off. Anyhow, the original cast has moved on, and there has been a new cast for few years now, but as we all know, the original seems to always have an easier time.
 4 Cats Leil Nahar

4 Cats Ya Nasinny


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