Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eyad Nassar Doesn't Support Protesting In Jordan

Jordanian actor Eyad Nassar wants you to know he does not support the protests in Jordan. As the people of Jordan protest the prices of gas and food, the actor is busy finding acting gigs from Cairo. Eyad Nassar made the big times few years ago and he has yet to leave them. Eyad is working extra time to sell himself in Egypt as he took the Egyptian dialect.

As protests broke out at his home, the actors took to Twitter claiming someone took his identity and offered support for the protest. The actor might be afraid of his country's ruthless intelligence community, so he makes sure no one mistakes him for someone who supports anything.

In his message he said, "There's some who stole my identity and making statements about what's going on in Jordan, please help me stop this clowning." Eyad might not be making his politics public, but I am sure if anything happens, he would come out and pretend to be some kind of hero.

اياد نصار في برنامج - قول حاجه


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