Monday, November 19, 2012

Rotana Offers Tamer Hosny 6 Millions Dollars To Replace Amr Diab

Do you think Tamer Hosny, his career, his films and his brand are wroth six million dollars? This is the question on my mind when I read reports of Amr Diab leaving his music label with Saudi owned entertainment group Rotana. Amr Diab has finished his last album which he is contracted to do with Rotana, he finished it in under ten months.

Amr Diab turned down an offer from Rotana for renewal, and this he is the biggest star to leave the label. This way Sherine is also out and Amr Diab is on his way. Egypt is no longer represented on the group of entertainers. Rotana has a reputation for being not so hot on Egyptian singers.

According to Masrawy , a private source has confirmed an ongoing negotiation between the company boss Salim Al Hindi and Tamer Hosny. Among the conditions for Tamer Hosny is to be an executing producer on all his albums where he only hands the master copy of his album to the label. Tamer has talked to Rotana more than two years ago and he may actually joins the music label.

As for Amr Diab, his recent trouble with the Egyptian composers and lyricists over his siding with the big business might have contributed to his decision to leave Rotana. What Arab stars is worth this much?



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