Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Comeback Of Waleed Samarah With "Ansak"

I do not know much about Waleed Samarah, but I know the song he chose to cover is a delightful song that makes any singer sound really good. I first heard this song by the voice of its composer Ramy Gamal, I remember liking the song by Ramy. So when I heard the song by Waleed's voice, I felt I have been there before.

I do not know who had song the song first, but I think Waleed has. Regardless Ansak is a heart warming song, it comes from a romantic who can forget being wronged. Waleed appeared on Star Academy Season 3, years ago.

Why did he have to fall in love with a lady that does not even look Arab? He is Jordanian by the way of Kwuit, and has a degree in engineering from Canada. He is a charmer and he knows it.

Waleed Samarah - Ansak / وليد سمارة - أنساك


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