Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Hate Hala Sarhan And She Is One Crazy Majnoonah

She has a PhD and a talk show, she has looked the same for the past 15 years. She goes by the name Hala Sarhan, and she likes to shout. I do not think she has a professional credit. She had sucked up to the regime so bad and Mubarak. Then she lied on live TV. She brought females actresses and asked them to pretend they are prostitutes. And then she got herself in trouble--she hid in Dubai and one Mubarak came out of office, she pretended to be his enemy and came back.

She may not like the guest, but there's no reason to lose your cool and make the show about you. Hala, the show is about the viewers not about defending yourself and getting in personal fights with your guest who subscribe to Islamic political party. She did not need to get all worked up and act up on her fake rage.

She could get the guy to make a fool out of himself if she felt so compelled. I do not think the guest was saying stupid stuff. He was making sense and speaking truth. He suggested that there's no free media in Egypt--the owner of any given network sets the policy for the TV. This is true even in the States as well. There's nothing called absolute freedom. The guest wanted an Islamist media network and wished for one.

Hala lost his cool and instead turned the isue about herself--I am more of a Muslim than you and them. People do not watch your show to hear your outbursts and shouting matches. If you cannot handle interviewing people you disagree with, no one wants to watch you interview your buddies. Not all your viewers hate that guest.

ناس بوك - انفعال حاد من هالة سرحان علي منتمي للإخوان


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