Friday, November 16, 2012

Watch: Omar Al Abdallat #Gaza Victory Song النصر لكم يا ابطال غزه قادم عمر العبداللات

When Jordan's biggest singer makes a song it goes around. This time he did not sing for Jordan instead, he sang for Gaza. A touching song form this popular folklore centered singer. This time he sings about the upcoming victory for Gaza from all around the Arab World. While talk is cheap, the only thing that will help Gaza is in that land..

While we love our Arab and Muslims people--when we are being bombed, we are on our own. When the ward ends, they come in braining aide and support. I know for once, I do not mind a good song that comes at this time offering support to the people under war--you are not alone.

There are many great songs for Palesitne out there, this Omar Al Abdallat song is pretty special it comes as a statement to tell certain people in Jordan--we are one people.
النصر لكم يا ابطال غزه قادم عمر العبداللات


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