Friday, November 30, 2012

Watch: Amal Maher "O, Egyptians" امال ماهر يا مصريين

Amal Maher does not do politics, she is one of millions who fear Egypt might not survive the latest confrontations and street demonstrations. Her passion and anger is hard to ignore, and the music for her song says as much, patriotic and loud--just like a wake-up call.

In the song Amal Maher poses a question, "What happened to us people of Egypt?" It's a fair question, this is not the Egyptians people have on mind, they seem a lot more stubborn, and each is more vocal about his own interests and agenda. 

Not one bad word, not one bad musical note, Amal delivers a sober song at those troubling times. As many have said, people of Egypt need to chill out and remember Egypt should always be their highest priority. Amr Mostafa wrote the music and the lyrics are the works of Tamer Hussein. Each person on this song has a different political affiliation, but still their concern for Egypt united all of them.

اغنية يا مصريين امال ماهر

امال ماهر يا مصريين


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