Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Myriam Faris Blesses The Gulf With Her Butt

The horny men in the Khalij region--Gulf area might have suppressed needs. But you would not get that impression when you know the Lebanese pop star has blessed them with all her bosom  butt and whatever else she has. And do not worry, she said, people can look at her all they want, she does not mind it.

This is what she performed one poem about chicken, business and old folks. The good people in that part of the world, will look past Myriam's fake Gulf dialect, as long as they get to see the song and not just hear it. Myriam is also empowering her self by charging them top dollars for whatever concerts they want form her and yes even TV pays her to appear on their programs. She would also shake whatever she has for those dollars.

Here, she is singing an old Emirate poem, part of the that country's heritage. They song was a surprise performance for Myriam who wanted to be further liked in Dubai where she was doing a concert. Keep on keeping on and Ms. Faris will be cheering up every time she puts on an outfit and moves around the stage faking it through life. 

باص العيايز - ميريام فارس / Bus El 3eyayez - Myriam Fares


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