Saturday, November 24, 2012

Video: Funny One Direction, The Impersonator Edition

Anies Omar likes to travel the world in search of celebrities and famous people to impersonate and turn into an internet meme. He does it well in good humor. I was impressed by his latest gag at impersonating the entire band of One Direction.

So who is Anies Omari, he was born and raised in Qandahar, Afghanistan. Moved out to Toronto, Canada at the age of 9. I always remembered enjoying watching behind the scenes features in DVDs more than the movie itself- and since realized that my passion was in entertaining. He does offer a lot of fun videos that travel the world.

Anies does have the natural good looks and in so many ways he resembles band member Zayn Malek--who does have Pakistani heritage.

The IMPERSONATOR Ft. Qias Omar, One Direction & More!


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