Sunday, November 25, 2012

Qasem Al Sultan Just Got Played

Many great Iraqi songs are usually written by the artist that perform them. The artist is the source of inspiration, the source of pain of joy, no middle man. The trend now is to features hard rock roots, electric guitar wall-o-sound, extensive vamping, a vocal-centric aesthetic, and a dirty guitar solo. Sounds like a pretty good description to me.

Take Qasem Al Sultan, a fixture of Iraqi music who has all the right emotions and vocals strength  he is not the kind of artists that models in his music video--he is no pretty boy. But he has all the things that makes a hit song a joy ride. His song is about cheaters whom he has given all his heart.

Really, for me it's just a package deal. What makes a great song can be different from band to band given their strengths. I suppose if I were to try to put together an informal formula for it there would be melody (it's funny how this means a lot more to me than the lyrics. I appreciate great lyrics, but by the time I know them I usually already know whether or not I like the song, It's generally an afterthought, a really nice bonus.

With that on mind, enjoy Qasem's pouring his heart to you. And remember, Qasem composed most of his songs.

Qaaem Al Sultan - Bas Youmin / قاسم السلطان - بس يومين


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