Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WATCH: Joe Ashkar - Kezabeh / جو أشقر - كذابي

I have had the Joe Ashkar album for few months, but I only got a chance to listen to it as I drove from Washington DC to Raleigh North Carolina. I was never turned off but this album, and in fact some of its tracks were extremely pleasant.

Joe Ashkar has the image of being a player and a flirt and most of his songs rotate around those two attributes  But he does get serious and dramatic when he feels like it. He is always well-dressed, and his sense of style is worthy of copying. He dresses in accordance with some European fashion.

In his newest music video, he asks his lady, "Don't You Miss Me You Pretty Liar?" And there goes the song.  There's a portion that talks about jealousy--without really talking about it. The clip is filmed in some old town part of Beirut. I must compliment hims for going with a classy model this time where in the past he has chosen to slutty ones. It's a cute song that will appeal to both women and men alike.

Joe Ashkar - Kezabeh / جو أشقر - كذابي


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