Thursday, November 29, 2012

Iraqi Iconic Singer Qahtan Al Attar Rejects Fame And Quits

He was loved form the first song, and his fame kept on growing for four decades. He decided to quit the music business 20 years ago, he shuns the spotlight and rejects going back to his earlier career. He turned it all down, the fame, the popularity and the money to live alone in seclusion.

Qahtan Al Attar immigrated to Denmark and made a home there where he has a beard and took a picture in a bakery shop near an oven. some say the store is his, others says it belongs to a friend of his. Qahtan does have a oud and he often performs in private settings.

Qahtan rose to fame in the 70s and according to friends he never liked recording songs, he was lazy and he hated the studio. Even though he is very talented and has a voice that nobody comes even close to, as one fan puts it. He did have a lot of good songs in the 80s that stand tall among the Iraqi classics. Some says he is supper sensitive  he is anti-social, others say he has complexes.

Some stories about him are legendary  he hates street language and insults, if he happens to hear on as he passes on the streets, he loses sleep over it and condemns such harsh language when the Arabic language is so beautiful. He had to walk away form his family and his friends because he appreciated privacy and longed to being along--not an easy thing to get when you live with Arabs.

Qahtan has stopped singing since the early 90s and immigrated to a number of countries until he found himself in the Denmark, a country where he can find all seclusion his soul demands. His story remains one of the mysteries many Iraqis wrestle with and there are those who boast about taking a recent picture of this legend on the streets of his new home.

قحطان العطار- سهلة عندك

قحطان العطار -يانوره


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