Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lebanese Songstress Elissa, A Mother Soon

It seems the cat is out of the bag and the romantic songs hit-maker and beloved Lebanese pop star is working on a new music video. The music video will be her first in about two years, and it's the first form her 2012 album "As'ad Wahda". But this is not the news,

the plot of the music video will show Elissa is a mother. According on online publication Nawa'em who published the update. Elissa would present her take on a mother who brings babies into this world and maintain her look--what Mai Hariri does so well. In the past Elissa has said had she wanted to get married, she would have. She remains the most famous single pop star Lebanon had ever created--next to Najwa Karam.

I know Elissa could easily pull the girl n love look the jaded girl too, but I have yet to see her leave her comfort zone and love somersetting else other than herself. Elissa might have always been into the self love thing, but if she films this music video. At least she gets to play the role of mother for the duration of the music video.

Elissa 1st Album Hit - As3ad Wahda / إليسا - أغنية أسعد واحدة


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