Sunday, November 18, 2012

Razan Moghrabi Fresh From A Scandal And Mini Shorts

Razan Moghrabi has no special gifts, she has the looks she got from her good genes and then she was given shows on TV, later she would sing--and get in trouble, then back to hosting a TV show, and then starting to act in movies. You would say, she has a busy schedule, and she was not someone you would loath. She only helped spread the Lebanese girl stereotype o the rest of Arabia.

I have taken notice for her many news stories and her appearances  and how she seemed to be all a fake show. To me, she comes across she someone who tries really hard to be everybody's favorite. Most of the time it comes out as forced. Unlike stars like Nicole Saba, Razan never tried to be standing for women--she just wanted guys to like her and they did.

Then there was her leaked video of 2010 when she was having too much fun--drinking and simulating sex acts with some guy that nobody have ever heard of. There were non Arabic speaking people with her at the time she she was trying to be cool and cute. She suffered from the video, and she was off the air for about two years.  

She is back now re-writing history and pretending to be it was all her decision not to be on TV and that she regrets nothing. I can see that to a certain degree, self righteous men picking on woman who wants to have fun and got caught. I really do. But Razan has no good will with people, no indication that she has a soul or that she cares for anything other than herself.

Her new show is called “طنة وغني” Tanneh W Ghanneh, a show where she hosts a Lebanese star and talks about their music and career, and yes they will also sing. There are dancers and singers too. Sounds familiar  The only new thing about the show is the title, everything else is dated. The show has already aired 6 episodes.

Razan El Moghrabi Tanneh W Ghanneh 2nd Promo


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