Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hotel California Gets An Arabic Pop Makeover

Hotel California might one of those global songs, that means people of the world know it and Americans are not upset. The Eagles had this gem that made them the household they have become--sure they have other hits, but none of the fame of Hotel California.

I know Tamer Hosny did a cover of it in one of his concerts, but what does he know. So here's popular Libyan Egyptian composer, producer, singer and actor Hamid Shaari take the song for a spin in his studio, and you know he did not disappoint.

I have always loved the song and now I have one more reason to love it, Hamid Shaari's hip Arabic touch unto this hit aside from Arabic obsession with Mercedes Benz that gets a shout-out

Hotel California Hamid El Shari Style .wmv


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