Friday, December 30, 2011

Tamer Al Turki 2012 Album

He is no household name, but he is signed with the biggest player in Arabic music and the most experienced company in the Gulf music--Rotana. The name is Tamer Al Turki and his album goes without a name. But for the sensitive guy Tamer is, this is no brainier.

Get ready for some romance and passion that can be enjoyed equally by all members of your family. He is the dreamy voice that loves to the last breath. Tamer's youth means he has plenty of time to figure his brand and perfect his style

01 - A3az ElNas
02 - Anady
03 - Al7atab
04 - Allah Aqwa
05 - Tza3elna Tradena
06 - Khodny Men 3oyounak
07 - Sam3an Wa Ta3a
08 - Gharam Thany
09 - Hazab
10 - La Tesebna Bel 3ien
11 - La Habiby
12 - Ya 7anan EL 3omr

تامر التركي-مزيون


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