Monday, December 19, 2011

Malk Al-Naser, The Wind Blew My Dress Song

Malk Al Naser is a young pop singer from Jordan. She caught her big break in 2005 when she has that duet with then popular Jad Choury--plus the song was pretty dope. Now she is making a cool video on her own this time.

About the wind blew her dress and thus she is helpless if people see under her dress. I think this is cute song that a lot of females will relate to. I do think that Malk now looks like every other pop singer at home--they have have one face--the fish face.

The fashion take part of this music video--what girl won't like that? A horse and a carriage with a dude is another page from a tale. The handsome guy with his scooter is another page. Jad Shewry have directed this picture.
Malk Al-Naser Al-Hawa 6yr Fostany ملك الناصر - الهوا طير فستاني2012


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