Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nicole Saba Leaves Little To The Imagination

As a singer Nicole Saba has gotten better with time, she trained and worked on her craft, it served her well. But as far as the show biz goes, she has always knew how to work it, and thus she has manged to keep her image and dance live on stage--it's all part of the show.

Nicole has put Egypt in her sight, and that has worked well, starring in movies and TV shows can be rewarding. However, her songs seem to be focused in Beirut--she certainly films her music video there too. I do not like how tough girl look, it doesn't go well with her romantic songs. She still can have a brain and sing chick songs, but the dark biker boy hell'a angel look is not right for her.

This is a concert in 2004 when Nicole just started her own career as a solo artist away from the 4 Cats band. She made that movie that took her into every Arab home, and then she was back on top--along this time.
Law Fil Omr Lila - Nicole Saba لو فى العمر ليله - حفلة - نيكول سابا


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