Sunday, December 18, 2011

Writing On The Wall 2012 Album

2011 is no ordinary year, and this is an album to go well with this year. an Experimental album with many young voices that addresses a number of their worries. Topics such as unemployment, loss of hope and faith. Love and dignity are themes all around this album.

I like the concept songs about the reluctant young man who has lived all his live in darkness and now he is afraid of the light--think democrats Egypt after Mubarak rule of 30 years. At times, the albums gets philosophical, but all relevant and all is right for the audience the album is targeting, the young ones.

01 - Hamaki - Shakhbata.3al.7eet
02 - Ramy Gamal - Ana.Ma3zour
03 - Khaled Ezz - Ghazl.ELBanat
04 - Nariman - Maba2ash.Fe.7aga
05 - Ramy Gamal - ALWasia
06 - Khaled Ezz -7eta.Meny
07 - Tamer Ali - Ma7alak.Ser
08 - Khaled Ezz - Resala.Men.Metgharab
09 - Ramy Gamal - Bahebak.Be.Shakl.Mo5talef
10 - Khaled Ezz - Ya3ny.Eah.Kelmy.Ba7ebek


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