Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Palestinian Obsession With Deer's Beauty

Since the ealry history of mankind and the his relationship with the animal has been a weird one. One time we kill them and eat their flesh, sometimes we ride on them and use them to do all sorts of jobs. And there are the moments when we admire them and want to play caregivers to them.

This is a story of a Palestinian who took it upon himself to preserve the local Palestinian deer where he has converted his home into a park for these very elegant creatures. In the report you will see some local artists singing songs about deers.

Arabs have some obsession with deers in terms of looks, they are the perfect look to compare people to. So when you want to say a gorgeous lady, you will say she is like deers. Hear the songs and enjoy this bizarre link. Maybe next time when I spot a deer in Rock Creek Park, I will keep that in mind.

هارون عمايرة -مربي الغزلان جلال ابو نعمان/جلجلية


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