Monday, December 12, 2011

Amr Diab Is Enrgizer Bunny On His Tour

Egyptian king of pop is one, and his name is Amr Diab, an easy name to remember and you kinda of had 30 years to remember it. I am guessing we will have at least 20 more years of this guy and his amazing live concerts.

Amr Dian concert is about energy and getting involved with the concert, you cannot just watch, he won't let you. Just see below how excited he is and his energy rubs off on his fans. He is the dude of Arabic pop that both ladies and dudes find appealing.

Unlike those half baked singers who wear a jeans and jumb around, what those other singers fail to do is translate that excitement in their music and on the stage.
While it's true that having a new look helps, Amr develops a character, not just a look.
Kan Tayeb - Amr Diab كان طيب - حفلة - عمرو دياب

Amarain - Amr Diab قمرين - حفلة - عمرو دياب


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