Sunday, December 11, 2011

Miami El Mambo El Sodani

Miami came to us from Kuwait and they have helped define what's cool back in the 90s, they injected funk and hip styles into their music. And this they manged to enter new lands and gained new fans.

The year is 2011 and the boys from the Miami band are back with a pretty much an album that rocks, one of the tracks that I liked is a song about Sudan dance, music and beauty. Something that's often overlooked by most mainstream Arab entertainers.

While, there album had a half dozen of good songs, they chose to film the one for/about Sudan. I must say, that was cool and the music video was even clever. There are bright colors, dance and energy that we have come to expect from these guys. They have even given the Sudanese national dress some air time as well as the dances from that place.

El Mambo El Sodani - Miami المامبو السودانى - ميامى


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