Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ramy Ayach Super Action Star And Romantic

Filming in Dubai is nothing new, that's why Ramy Ayach took his music video there. He did a lot more acting in his music video, where he is playing an regular dude that turns into an action star to defend his lady.

I like his music, but I feel he is a faker when it comes to his interviews, I feel it's not the real Ramy Ayach. His music video Majnoon or crazy/obsessed, the music takes a back seat and Ramy's acting takes center stage.

To his credit, Ramy tries to do new things and he often pulls it off, he hates boredom and he often challenges it in his concerts and in his work.

رامي عيَّاش مجنونٌ بحب إبنة رئيسه


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