Thursday, December 8, 2011

Zeze Adel, The Showgirl Of Egyptain Pop Is Back

I am a fan of Zeze's, I have liked a lot of her songs, but what I liked even more is her music videos where she seemed to be one of the first female Arab singers to pay attention to the showmanship in her music video. Most Arab singers make music videos, but it's uncommon to make the music video a show.

Perhaps her stint at the star academy show few years ago have taught her a thing or two about the importance of the dancers, lights, and outfits. But this time, she is back with a song that is so different. A dark breakup song....Most Arab singers feel the urge to do those kind of songs.

Not sure if I like Zeezee in this style, such songs require more than a decent voice, they ask for some real emotions that can only come from past experiences. after all, she is the Arab Beyonce and Shakira rolled together--easy on the eye.

Zeze Adel - Edetny Eih زيزي عادل -اديتني ايه


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