Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paris Hilton And Her Bags Go To The Holy City Of Mecca

Paris Hilton became famous after making a porno video and and then this video was all over the internet in 2004. She became a big player and a celebrity, known for being famous. She likes clubs, partying and selling stuff around the world. I am certain you have seen her perfume in some mall around the globe. Paris of 2012 is no big name any more, she has dwindling fan base, but nevertheless she still manages to open more stores.

But here's the new story, her line of bags is now in the holy city of Mecca. Her various products are to be found in the Mecca mall. We know this because Paris shared the news of her new story as you see below. I am all for businesses and that, but I have some reservations about the city of Mecca being a place for fashion and greed.

This is Paris Hilton's fifth store in the Saudi Kingdom and her number 42 around the world. The news of her store made some mixed waves, some welcome it others reject it. But how do the common Saudi person feels about this? This is no major insult by any mean, they have sold-out one of the most holy sites for many Muslims to American companies in exchange for few dollars.

I am ware of the ongoing debate among some Saudi Muslims, some want change to come to Mecca, a place Muslims value but do not worship. And others who want to keep it very spiritual and free of pop and commercial corruption.  Paris may not be able to visit the city of Mecca, but is this are those the kind of people Saudis do business with now?

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  1. Wow the world is really coming to an end!!! Great article!